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Nurse Call Design Guide
An unbiased step by step guide to specifying and purchasing a new nurse call system from creating a committee to installation.

1. Organize a committee
Nurse call systems today are more flexible than ever. Interfaces to systems like pocket pagers, wireless telephones, ADT, medical equipment, etc. are now common. Because of these interface options, you will need to put together a group made up of many departments including nursing, information systems, biomed, telecom, your architect, facility planning and others.

2. Evaluate your needs
Whether you are replacing your nurse call due to new construction or your existing system may be outdated, you will need to identify your requirements for the new system.

Some common requirements:

  • Reduce noise - This has been at the top of patient satisfaction surveys. Overhead paging is not the answer.
  • Decrease call light response times - We see too often calls going unanswered at the nurse station. Unit secretaries have more to do now than ever. Calls need to be answered quickly and response times decreased. All of which improve patient satisfaction.

Other considerations when evaluating your needs should be geography.

  • If this is a new construction project, you should walk through the layout with your architect to ensure that you have the correct call devices in the correct locations.

3. Explore Technology
Modern nurse call systems have come a long way since the "push a button and light a light" systems of the 70's and 80's.

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