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Educational Intercom System

The first generation intercom systems had a button or a switch in each classroom, that allowed the room to call the office where a light would light and a sound would announce there was an incoming call.  The office would then answer this call by flipping the room switch up then pressing a button to speak into the microphone, and releasing the button to hear what was said from the room, using the speaker in the classroom as a microphone.  Today's simple system is zone one-way paging to a group of rooms and telephone handsets in the room are used to communicate interally and with the outside world.  Page Control
The next generation of school intercoms put little phone handsets into the classrooms.  Lifting the phone up placed a call to the office, much like above, except now, the office would pick up a handset, flip the classroom switch, and be able to converse with the classroom just as you would using a standard telephone.  This system also had privacy problems in that anyone picking up a handset anywhere in the school could hear the conversation taking place.  Crossed wires or switches in the wrong position also could cause all call announcements to come across phones, or a phone "ring" to blast a person with the handset up to their ear.

In the 1980's school intercoms began to be 'married' to actual phone systems allowing classrooms to be able to receive telephones from outside, and with help from the office, able to make calls outside the school.

Today's school intercom systems are hybrid phone and intercom systems.  Allowing the best features of the older systems, and incorporating the latest technology, including VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocal) that allows voice announcements and intercom functions building wide, campus wide, state wide, or even world wide if desired; voicemail, call forwarding, direct inward systems access, direct dial outbound calls (controlled by passwords, phone numbers, phone class, etc.), group conference, camp on busy,  and many other features found on advanced business phone systems, all integrated and designed for the education setting.

Be aware that there are companies that 'marry' various components from different manufacturers, and call it a school 'system'.  Getting service and warranty repair can sometime be more trouble than it's worth.

There are also several manufacturers that exclusively make school communication systems (intercoms).  That way you only have one brand, one manufacturer, one set of operating guides, and one number to call for problems.  This is the path that Unitech believes in, and why the brand we exclusively sell, service and install in Connecticut, from Class-Connection   Engineered Systems.

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