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Endeavor Light Signal System
In today's competetive market, exceptional care is what separates one facility from another.  West-Com has desigened a light signaling system that increases patient flow, strengthens staff efficiency, and vastly improves your patients' overall visit experience.  With the West-Call Endeavor Light Signaling System, your staff will accomplish tasks in fewer steps, enabling them to focus on caring for patients.
The Endeavor Light Signaling System is easy to learn and simple to use.  With just the push of a button, patient rooms are properly managed and patient flow is easy to monitor.  When a patient enters the room, a color-coded button conveniently located outside each patient room is pressed, silently signaling that the patient is waiting.
Room Status Panels represent different caregivers and room conditions through a variety of colored buttons and flashing lights.
Light Panels can also be installed in physicians' offices to signal that a patient is waiting or in other areas where specialized personnel can be notified remotely when assistance is needed.
Interface the Endeavor Clinic with pocket pagers and receive instant notification from anywhere in the facility.  The customizability of the Endeavor Clinic provides the technology needed to give the expert care your patients deserve.

Reduce patient wait time
Staff members are able to accomplish tasks in fewer steps, reducing patient wait time, increasing patient satisfaction and enabling more patients to receive better care.

Enjoy the flexibility
Interface the Endeavor System with radio paging, and staff menbers will be instantly notified when and where they are needed.

Know which patient to see next

THe Endeavor System automatically prioritizes the room of the patient the physician is to see next. The button assigned to the physician will automatically start flashing outside the exam room as well as notify the physician in his or her office that a patient is waiting.

Expand with the Endeavor System
The Endeavor System can be modified or upgraded to expand as your facility expands. Free software upgrades are offered throughout the life of the system.

Enhance the patient environment
Patients will enjoy a more tranquil, less chaotic environment and take comfort in knowing your staff is in control

Customize the room status signals

The Endeavor Light Signaling System Summary
  • Supports from 1 up to 4,064 lights, switches, buttons or other input devices.
  • Each device may be assigned to one of seven different call rates.
  • Able to receive calls and alarms from other systems through a serial port connection.
  • Priority Call Muting capability is available on all central annunciator panels.
  • Up to 1,016 duty stations or zone lights may be used.
  • Includes 127 on-board relays to provide fault indication or to trigger other devices such as video cameras or door latches.
  • Supports scheduling features for up to eight groups.
  • Supports paging capabilities for each input device.
  • Includes a 10/100 network connection that can interface with the West-Call Odyssey Plus, West-Call CDT (Call Display Terminal),  West-Call TQI for Endeavor, West-Call Paging Server, West-Call Infrared Server, or other custom interfaces.
  • Recognizes system faults and can report them to the West-Call CDT.
  • Able to report any call type to the West-Call CDT.
  • Capable of producing productivity and usage reports.
  • Able to remotely program or re-program the systems I/O boards .
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